Boat Names


Oracal Metallic Paint Wrap with High Gloss Finish on this daily driver.

3M 1080 Matte Copper Paint Wrap on raw Fiberglass Bulk Heads in Race Boat.

Oracal Textured Crocodile Paint Wrap.

Arlon Gold Chrome Paint Wrap on GSX-R.

 Paint Wrap Films come in a variety of colors, finishes, and textures.

Colors range from standard solid colors to metallics, pearls, coarse metallics, candy paints, chameleons(color shift), colored chromes, frosted chromes, glow in the darks, and more.

Finishes include High Gloss,Satin(3M only), and Matte.

Textured Wraps have a finish you can see and feel like snake skins, animal skins, sea foam, croc, leathers, stones, concretes, woods, metals and more!

 Paint wrap films have 5-12 year complete outdoor life span depending on material type.

Will not rock chip or peel like paint can when damaged.
Will not "spider crack" like paint or gel coat does on Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber car bodies/boats.

Stops any "water intrusion" from happening at spider cracks or chips on Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber.

Overall weight of a Wrap is 25% to 50% lighter than paint(applicable to performance vehicles).

Overall cost of a paint wrap is typically 1/2 the cost of a professional paint job and comes with a Warranty from 3M and Coastal Graphics.

Cost less to repair than a paint job.

Paint wraps and clear protection wraps are a great way to protect a paint job on a newly purchased or painted vehicle.

No more hard hand waxing or buffing, just mist with polymer wax and softly wipe!.

Paint Wraps have the same finish as a high quality factory paint job.

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3M Paint Wrap Film Series 1080

7 Year Full Outdoor Life Warranty depending on style choice.

Avery Dennison Supreme Paint Wrap Films

6 to 12 Year Full Outdoor Life Warranty depending on style choice.