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Be Sure To Inquire About A 3M Wrap Sponsorship Packages

All 3M Wraps Include A Full 7 Year Warranty And 3M MCS Warranty


3M Graphic & Paint Wraps 
Vs. Paint/Gel Coat:

-Will not "spider crack"
-Helps to stop or reduce spider cracking
-Stops water intrusion that spider cracks or chips can let in
-Will not rock chip, which allows underlying surface to be exposed to the elements
-Wrap Clear Coat(over laminate) will not flake,peel,chip,crack
-More resistant to scratches and gouges
-Cost less to repair
-Faster turnaround time than airbrushing or painting
-Weighs 25% to 50% less than paint
-8 to 10 year full outdoor warranty from 3M extended to Coastal Graphics against cracking,chipping, or fading.
-Clean Removal
-No more hard hand waxing, just mist polymer wax on and wipe off for a deep shine


Wrap Statistics

Business owners, race car drivers and automotive enthusiasts, all can benefit from vehicle wraps. Through innovative graphic design and quality installation, your team can be portrayed as on a higher level than your competition.

Many of our Race Team Clients have  experienced new sponsorship and/or interest from major company's/brands after they had their vehicle wrapped or just added some graphics to gain more attention... it works!

 In today's age everything boils down to the few seconds you have for your future customers/Sponsors attention. You have the vehicle so turn it into a mobile marketing machine for your team and you! .

Wraps are just a moving billboard... Let the wrap do the work for you!.

Think about this..... A small group of fleet vehicles, or a race car and a hauler wrapped can generate an average of 8.5 million impressions annually. Factor an average vehicle wrap cost and that comes out to 0.001 cent per person. Where else can you get that kind of return on your advertising investment?

“Historically, large brand owners—Coca-Cola, UPS—understood the value of using their vehicles as media assets,” says Tim Boxeth, business development manager of 3M, St. Paul, Minn., which makes wrap films, adhesives and laminates. “Over the last six years, the small- to medium-business owner—the electrician, the plumber—has come to understand the value of their van, or five vans, as a media asset.” This also comes in effect largely in the racing world.

Wrap Package Details

The Graphic Wrap race packages are created exclusively using only 3M wrap film with 3M High Gloss or Matte Protective Over Laminate. All of the wrap design, printing/laminating and installing is done in house for optimal quality control.

The wraps are designed then printed via Roland Wide Formats for the Ultra High Definition and superior consistency that no painter could match.

We cure all prints in the correct humidity and machine laminate. The wraps are installed using a special application fluid that allows the wrap to be applied without scuffs or scratches.

After installation all edges are 3M clear sealed(non-visible), and the whole car is heat locked to manufacturers specifications using infrared and digital heaters.

We cure all wraps 24+ hours and include a full polymer waxing before pick up along with a full wrap care kit.

All Paint Wraps(no images just solid colors,metallics,pearls,candys,etc) are installed just like a Graphic Wrap, but are supplied to us ready to install(pre-made/colored).

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If our client chooses, we can also have the car shared by our main Wrap Supplier, Fellers "Worlds Largest Wrap Supply Company", via Instagram, and Facebook page. Along with multiple other social media outlets, we will run a paid social network advertisement of your Race Car/Team, and Coastal Graphics, to help advertise the car and our services, upon clients approval.

Additional Sponsorship Package Bene

Coastal Graphics goes the extra mile for our Sponsored Teams, offering benefits on all of our services provided!  

Something the "Other Wrap Guys" do not!

Major savings on Custom Merchandise and Promo Items:

- Vinyl & Canvas Wall Murals/Prints
- Low Cost Hand Out Decals
-High Quality 3M Laminated Decals
- 3M High Visibility Reflective Decals
- Glow in the Dark Safety Decals
- Wide Format Picture Prints
- Stretched Canvas
- T-Shirts & Apparel
- Mugs/Souvenir cups
- Blankets/Cloths
- Sun Glass Cloths
- Key Chains
- Flashlights
- Umbrellas
- Golf Balls
- Tote Bags
- Banners
- Flags
- Pens
- Hats
- Bags
- Towels

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Coastal Graphics 7 Sponsored

Driver: Jr Ward 
Car: Outlaw Pro Modified Corvette 
Location: Goode,VA
Sponsors: Wards Motorsports - Coastal Graphics - GT Performance - - Protect The - SM Race Cars

Driver: Al "Money" Davis
Car: 2011 NMRA Turbo Mustang Coyote
Location: Seaville, New Jersey
Sponsors: Team Farmers - Coastal Graphics 7 of VA - JPC - BPC

Be sure to check out this video featuring Al Davis's Turbo Coyote putting down numbers on the Dyno at American event in Carlisle, PA.


Driver: Russell Mcmanious
Car: 1988 Mustang Pro Charged x275 - Smart Car "Pull Car" Wrap
Location: Northern Virginia
Sponsors: Coastal Graphics - RSM Construction of VA - Impact Diesel of VA - Bell Helmets - Carrillo - Atomizer Injectors - Davis Technologys - Beauchamps - Feather Carbon - Springfield Custom Auto Machine

Charles "BossMan" Brunson
Car: IHRA/PDRA Jr. Dragster
Location: Fort Washington, Maryland
Sponsors: Coastal Graphics - His Fahter

Driver: Carlos Wells - Wells Motorsports
Car: NHRA Top Sportsman - N/T

Location: Washington D.C.
Sponsors: Coastal Graphics 7 of VA

Driver: Charles "BossMan" Brunson
Car: IHRA/PDRA Pro Jr. Dragster and Golf Cart
Location: Fort Washington, Maryland
Sponsors: Coastal Graphics - His Father